Oh, The Places You’ll Go….. Pssst, with GOD!


Screenshot 2016-02-10 10.38.02I was always a Dr. Seuss fan growing up.

I especially loved the Sneetches, and was quite traumatized (though admittedly fascinated) by the scary green pants with no one inside them; but the famous, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” certainly had its spot among my favorites!

In fact, I still see this Seuss-influenced “Places You’ll Go” art everywhere — nursery prints, Pinterest pins, and posters. Apparently, “Going Places” is a very popular and attractive concept.

Whenever I have seen these posts or art in the past few years, however, I’ve noticed my mind has silently added two words to the end —  “WITH GOD.”


Places You'll Go

Oh, the Places You’ll Go – (with God)
Yes — that’s definitely more like it.

Ok, God is omnipresent and is always “with us” already, so why pick on our beloved Dr. Seuss for this perceived “omission?” We all know what he meant, right?

The dilemma is that I’ve learned enough in my own life journeys to believe that clarifying this one minute detail is actually a HUGE deal.

I may not have traveled to far reaches of the earth (like some of my good friends), but through plenty of my own wrong turns, I’ve discovered going “with God” in the Biblical sense is the ONLY way to travel.

According to scripture, for example, it can mean:

  • God will open doors that no one else can shut (Revelation 3:8).
  • God will go ahead of us and remove obstacles from our path (little things like bronze gates and iron bars) and prepare the way to make things smooth, leveling mountains and such. (Isaiah 45:2)
  • God’s spirit can lead us and warn us so that we don’t go down the wrong path and can instead point us in the RIGHT direction. (Acts 16:6-7, Isaiah 30:21) 
  • God’s presence WITH US means rest, comfort, and joy.
    (Check out Exodus 33:14, Psalm 23 or Psalm 16:11.)
  • God’s protection. When we openly proclaim that God ALONE is our refuge and fortress, His promises to protect and deliver us are quite astounding. (Read Psalm 91 and you will get the idea.)

There are countless more examples throughout God’s word, but the bottom line is simple:

You can go plenty of places WITHOUT worrying so much about God’s presence, guidance or will, but it’s an extraordinarily BAD idea.

Just look life of Judas (you know his sad story) or Sennacherib (mighty king of Syria that challenged God and met his doom in 2 Chronicles 32).  Pick just about any Bible character for that matter; the moment he or she chose to look away from God and go solo? Pretty much disaster on every front.

It’s no different today.

I’ve learned those 2 little words (with God) are the difference between success and failure, blessing and curse, and ultimately life and death.

So as for me, I want to go everywhere WITH GOD, whether that’s around the world or down the hall.

My advice? Yes, go to magnificent, wonderful places; explore the whole world if you like, but if you want to reach the greatest success possible, be sure to go WITH GOD.

Invite God’s spirit to lead you. Ask for God’s guidance. Pray without ceasing.
Do those things and God’s word tells us you will be victorious indeed!


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